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Virtual Expert
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What is a Virtual Assistant?
Like the majority of their clients, Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs--highly skilled in their profession and able to have a powerful impact on the productivity of those they work with.  Traditionally, they have been known by many names:  secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants or even bookkeepers.  But in an age where technology has made the world a much smaller place, and where more professionals are working from their homes or in a virtual office themselves, the assistant has become virtual--and thanks to the internet, global.  Also, nobody but you and your VA need to know your assistant is in fact virtual.
The concept is still somewhat new, but it works so well that it has been embraced by the online community.  A Virtual Assistant (or VA) can ensure that the entrepreneur who is working in a remodeled bedroom or attic in their home has access to all of the support benefits enjoyed by a business person in the corner office of a major corporation--without having to hire any employees!
Work assignments are communicated through e-mail, phone, fax, mail and real-time online messaging.  The services offered by VAs vary from one individual to the next, based on their area of expertise.  In addition to administrative support, many VAs offer other, more specialized skills.
What are the benefits of using a VA?
  • No need for you to supply office space.  VAs work from their own home or office.
  • No need to buy office equipment.  We use our own.
  • You only pay for the work that is done, (time on task).
  • You don't have to worry about payroll taxes, insurance, paid vacations, workers compensation, sick leave or any other cost incurred with a permanent employee.
  • No expense or down time for training new employees.
  • A VA's unique partnership arrangement allows them to anticipate your need, saving you the trouble of constantly redefining your expectations.
  • We work behind the scenes, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building you business.
  • Working with a Virtual Assistant is the most economical use of your support services budget.
  • If your company relocates, you can still use the same VA--no need to hire, train and develop new relationships.  Your location doesn't impact our ability to do our job.

Who benefits from using a Virtual Assistant?

  • Businesses:  Concentrate on building your business, not on time consuming spreadsheets and word processing.  With reminder services, never miss another meeting or business associate's birthday.
  • Students:  Spend time studying, not long hours researching or typing papers.
  • Non-profit organizations:  Event planning, marketing and flyers are key items to find supporters.  You can receive affordable professional help.
  • Busy people in general:  Wedding invitations, thank you notes, travel arrangements, gift buying, event planning

My commitment to you

  • Consistent quality of service
  • Ethical business practices
  • Maintain strict confidentiality
  • Comply with all laws
  • Respect of privacy

Privacy Policy

I shall always exercise integrity, honesty and diligence in carrying out my professional duties and responsibilities.

I shall enter into no other agreement nor undertake in any activity which may be in conflict or give the appearance of conflict with the legitimate interest of my client, or that would prejudice my capacity to perform my professional duties.

I will not at any time or in any manner, use for my personal benefit, disclose or communicate any information that is proprietary to my clients.  I will protect such information and it will be strictly confidential.  I will return all documentation, records, tapes and any items that were used or created during the term of the agreement.

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